Tuesday, November 03, 2009


To recap, over the past 4 weeks I've introduced you to my 10 HOT TOP PROVEN STRATEGIES & SECRETS HOW TO BE A TWITTER ELITE! ™ system and shown you Step 1 (Never Tweet!), Step 2 (Follow No One!), Step 3 (Impersonate a Celebrity!) that can help you on your way towards becoming a hot, top Twitterer.

Each Tuesday, I work my tail off to provide you with some truly profound advice, and also with examples taken from the ranks of the Most Followed Twitter Users to scientifically back up my points.

So, here is the Proven Strategy & Secret to be a Top Twitterer #4
4) Tweet in Japanese.
Now, at first, this might seem counter-intuitive. "What are you talking about, Liz?", you say. "People on Twitter only speak English. It is the 'official language' of Twitter. Speaking another language would be unAmerican!" How very, very wrong you are.
Scientific Proof? Look at these very popular, HOT, TOP Twitter accounts who have racked up hundreds, no, thousands of followers by utilizing an exotic language from the Far East:

@Moooris 568,156 Followers
@GachapinBlog 219,281 Followers
@Tenkijp 195,082 Followers
@Asahi 193,149 Followers
@Mainichijpedit 180,898 Followers
@Takapon_JP 180,457 Followers
@Yahoo_Shopping 149,715 Followers
@TWJ 149,482 Followers
@Kotoripiyopiyo 146,409 Followers
@Taguchi 143,796 Followers
@Kengo 141,302 Followers
@Suadd 140,919 Followers
@Kazuyo_K 133,771 Followers
@Kogure 131,357 Followers
@Nobi 125,361 Followers
@Abfly 123,585 Followers
@Msugaya 121,834 Followers
@Fshin2000 121,812 Followers
@Matsuyou 121,394 Followers
@Tokuriki 121,150 Followers
@Kohmi 118,878 Followers
@Taromatsumura 118,212 Followers
@RKMT 115,551 Followers
@Natalie_Mu 101,251 Followers
@Akky 89,590 Followers
@Masui 88,753 Followers

An all too common assumption that newcomers to Twitter have is that only people with U.S. citizenship can use Twitter. That is simply not true, Twitter loosened that requirement when they let @StephenFry open an account. Now, not only people who don't live in the San Francisco Bay Area but also people from other countries (!) and who speak foreign languages are "allowed" to use Twitter provided they do not use it to organize a takeover of our government.

"But," you ask, "I don't know Japanese. Won't it take me a long time to learn a foreign language? Well, yes, it might take you a few years of constant study to master Japanese. After all, they do refuse to use our alphabet despite its clear superiority.

But consider how slowly your Follower count is growing right now. Pretty sad, isn't it? In the time it takes you to learn and happily start Tweeting away in Japanese, odds are that your Follower number will only have increased by the few new friends you've made over the coming year. And unless you're in elementary school, how many new friends do you really make each year? Be honest. I thought so. : (
But take Step 4 and your Follower number is not only guaranteed to increase but you'll be bilingual! You can charm and offend people in several different countries from the comfort of your kitchen table.
Keep checking each Tuesday as I continue to reveal one of Hot Top Proven Strategies &Secrets On How To Be A Twitter Elite!


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