Tuesday, October 27, 2009


To recap, over the past 3 weeks I've introduced you to my 10 HOT TOP PROVEN STRATEGIES & SECRETS HOW TO BE A TWITTER ELITE! ™ system and showed you Step 1 (Never Tweet!) and Step 2 (Follow No One!) that can help you become a hot, top Twitterer.

This is the 3rd of 10 consecutive Tuesdays on which I'm going to release one of the Twitter Strategies & Secrets that the Twitter Elite don't want you to know. I will provide you with some truly profound advice, and also with examples taken from the ranks of the Most Followed Twitter Users to scientifically back up my points.

So, here is the Proven Strategy & Secret to be a Top Twitterer #3

3) Impersonate a celebrity. It helps if they aren't on Twitter but it doesn't really matter if they are or not. You can even impersonate the President.

Now, at first, this might seem counter-intuitive. "What are you talking about, Liz?", you say. "Won't people be able to tell that I'm not a Hollywood or media celebrity? I don't know anything about their lives." How very, very wrong you are.

With a little bit of effort, you can try to capture the "voice" of celebrity but it really doesn't matter. People will follow you because you have a celebrity name on your account, not because you are who you say you are or have anything interesting to say. Or not say...because some people will follow celebrity accounts who don't even Tweet. You don't even have to be able to spell the celebrity's name correctly!
But doesn't Twitter have a policy of suspending accounts that impersonate people," you ask. Policy, schmolicy. Yes, there are accounts that masquerade as celebrities which are suspended but Twitter only investigates these faux accounts if the real person complains about them.

Since there are still some high profile people who don't know or don't care about Twitter (I know, I'm shocked too), it is unlikely that they will ever know you exist or care enough to complain to Twitter. And, as you will see, some of these people who are already on Twitter don't seem to mind if you post under their name!
But, if you are afraid of running afoul of Twitter HQ, you can always go the route of the very popular @NotTinaFey and just openly declare yourself an imposter...it doesn't always seem to register with people who simply want to believe it is really a celebrity they are following.

Scientific Proof? Look at these very popular, HOT, TOP Twitter accounts who have racked up hundreds, no, thousands of followers:

Real account: @BarackObama 2,522,583 Followers
Fake account: @Barak_Obama 73,342 Followers

Real account: @50Cent 1,857,809 Followers
Fake account: @50_Cent 53,856 Followers

Real account: @StephenAtHome 1,156,189 Followers
Fake account: @StephenColbert 373, 808 Followers
Fake account: @StephenTColbert 94,115 Followers

Real account: @DDLovato 1,073,497 Followers
Fake account: @TheRealDemi 64,650 Followers

Real account: @SevinNyne6126 376,628 Followers
Fake account: @LindsayLohan 95,973 Followers

Real account: @RichardBranson 187,651 Followers
Fake account: @SirDickBranson 47,389 Followers

Real (?) account: @Rihanna 85,784 Followers
Fake account: @Rihanna_ 63,643 Followers

Real (?) account: @DanRadcliffe22 60,266 Followers
Fake account: @DanielRadcliffe 44,598 Followers

Just plain fakes:
@Beyonce 391,624 Followers
@NotTinaFey 388,270 Followers
@AdamSandler 203,128 Followers
@JenifferAniston 117,979 Followers
@RoGiddy 107,515 Followers (Seth Rogan)
@Timbaland 101,621 Followers
@Rachel_Bilson 94,227 Followers
@RealZacEfron 84,840 Followers
@ImMKOlsen 83,647 Followers (Mary-Kate Olsen)
@JohnnyDepp 79,178 Followers
@Beckham 79,043 Followers
@Rupert_Grint 71,737 Followers
@IAmKelis 65,890 Followers
@Michael_Cera 55,432 Followers
@GwenStefani 53,142 Followers

An all too common assumption that newcomers to Twitter have is that people care if a celebrity is real or fake. They don't. They just like to believe they are getting messages from famous people who matter. It's like finding a cupcake in your mailbox.

"But," you ask, "what about my 'personal brand'? What about my own identity?" Well, you can try what others have done and build up a fake account and then change the user account to your own name or company. This happened with mixed results with the following accounts this year:

@Michael_Phelps>@Lysted (suspended)
@Vanessa_Hudgens>@NewYorkCityPR (still active)
@BinboaUSAVodka>@EBayAuctionSave (still active)

Who knows? Your phony @RobertPattinson username could be your ticket to a million follower account!
Keep checking each Tuesday as I continue to reveal one of Hot Top Proven Strategies & Secrets On How To Be A Twitter Elite!