Monday, January 23, 2006

Call me Lina

The other day, I picked up my new glasses....bifocals. I hadn't been tested for 6 years so it was quite a shock. I mean, bifocals are for your grandparents, right? Well, no, the optometrist said, people get them around 40. Another little signpost of aging.

Frames have changed so much since the late 90s, from ovals to small rectangular jobs. Having a limited selection to choose from ($$ an object), I got a pair that is small, plastic, black, and rectangular and I think I look like Lina Wertmuller....for everyone born after 1970, she's a famous Italian film director and the first woman ever to be nominated for a Oscar for Best Direction (1977). But she also famously wore these thick, rectangular, plastic frames that were kind of iconic.

I could go back to contacts which are invisible and thus, more flattering, but I think I will instead embrace my Lina-ness, have an espresso, kiss people on the cheek, dream big, and order people around to carry out my visionary work.

Have a good week, mia cara!