Tuesday, November 17, 2009


To recap, over the past 6 weeks I've introduced you to my 10 HOT TOP PROVEN STRATEGIES & SECRETS HOW TO BE A TWITTER ELITE! ™ system and shown you Step 1 (Never Tweet!), Step 2 (Follow No One!), Step 3 (Impersonate a Celebrity!), Step 4 (Tweet in Japanese!) & Step 5 (Work for Disney!) that can help you on your way towards becoming a hot, top Twitterer.

Each Tuesday (ur, Wednesday if I'm at a conference), I work my tail off to provide you with some truly profound advice, and also with examples taken from the ranks of the Most Followed Twitter Users to scientifically back up my points.

So, here is the Proven Strategy & Secret to be a Top Twitterer #6

6) Become a talk show host! Radio, television or the web, it doesn't matter. Talk to yourself or, better yet, have guests on. You can integrate chat with music videos, news, feature stories or take calls from viewers, whatever fills the time!

Now, at first, this might seem counter-intuitive. "What are you talking about, Liz?", you say. "Talk shows are about broadcasting, Twitter is for 'conversation' among friends." How very, very wrong you are.

Talk shows usually occur on a Monday through Friday weekday basis and over the weeks & years, viewers or listeners feel like they know the host, that they are like an old friend. And just like an old friend or a senile relative telling stories about walking 10 miles to school in the snow, you don't mind if they go on & on and never respond back. "That's just Oprah," you chuckle, "whatcha you gonna do?!"

So, set yourself up as a talk show host in whatever medium you can secure. Could be a local cable access show, a blog radio show or even a Tweet chat. Once people get a sense of who you are, they'll want to follow you on Twitter to keep up with what's going on in your life and find out about the fascinating people you know.

Scientific Proof? Look at these very popular, HOT, TOP Twitter accounts who have racked up hundreds, no, thousands of followers who have their own talk shows or are actually a talk show who twitters!:

@TheEllenShow 3,750,995 Followers
@Oprah 2,635,263 Followers
@JimmyFallon 2,242,178 Followers
@Chelsea Lately 1,763,642 Followers
@MarthaStewart 1,685,015 Followers
@DrDrew 1,674,825 Followers
@GMA 1,543,076 Followers
@StephenAtHome 1,215,824 Followers
@106andPark 682,179 Followers
@ItsOnAlexa 627,319 Followers
@TyraBanks 612,368 Followers
@BarbaraJWalters 485,589 Followers
@Wossy 450,264 Followers
@TodayShow 388,004 Followers
@AndersonCooper 368,771 Followers
@KyleandJackieO 360,514 Followers
@DrPhil 225,994 Followers
@GlennBeck 162,076 Followers
@SherriEShepherd 155,033 Followers
@LeoLaporte 149,508 Followers
@EHasselbeck 138,186 Followers
@TyraShow 137,013 Followers
@JoyVBehar 136,523 Followers
@WendyShow 132,783 Followers
@Regis_and_Kelly 112,924 Followers
@DrOz 81,600 Followers
@SternShow 63,116 Followers
@TheViewTV 53,701 Followers
@The_Daily_Show 52,942 Followers
@Limbaugh 52,249 Followers

This is just a partial list of talk shows & talk show hosts on Twitter as I can't even begin to catch up with the all cable news talk shows & sports talk shows.

An all too common assumption that newcomers to Twitter have is they live interesting lives. That is simply not true. So, if you can get Tom Cruise, Sarah Palin or Whitney Houston to come by & chat over biscotti & tea, don't hesitate to say "yes". Be sure to always send a hand-written thank you note afterwards...Hollywood celebrities have come to expect to receive a letter after a personal appearance.
Keep checking each Tuesday as I continue to reveal one of Hot Top Proven Strategies &Secrets On How To Be A Twitter Elite!