Tuesday, October 20, 2009


To recap, last week I introduced you to my 10 HOT TOP PROVEN STRATEGIES & SECRETS HOW TO BE A TWITTER ELITE! ™ system and showed you Step 1 of how you can be a hot, top Twitterer.

This is the 2nd of 10 consecutive Tuesdays on which I'm going to release one of the Twitter Strategies & Secrets that the Twitter Elite don't want you to know. I will provide you with some truly profound advice, and also examples from taken from the ranks of the Most Followed Twitter Users to scientifically back up my points.

Last week I showed how you can be popular by creating an account and not sending out any Tweets and how this strategy has worked for some of the most popular users on Twitter. But, most likely, you have already started Tweeting and, unfortunately, can't take advantage of all of the benefits of Step 1 of my program.

No worries! While not every one of the Steps will apply to your situation, I'm kind of fairly sure (well, 50/50) that you'll be able to use at least 1 of the 10 secrets I will reveal over the coming weeks.

So, here is the Proven Strategy & Secret to be a Top Twitterer #2

2) Don't follow anyone. Not your best friend, your mother, your co-workers, your favorite blogger or blog, a celebrity, your fans or customers...FOLLOW NO ONE BACK.

Now, at first, this might seem counter-intuitive. "What are you talking about, Liz?", you say. "Isn't Twitter a social network and isn't the basis of every social network is the ties of relationship you create and maintain?" How very, very wrong you are.

Twitter's founders have repeatedly insisted that Twitter is NOT a social network but a communications platform. And what is more important than telling other people what you are doing and thinking? You are the center of your world and you don't have time to be interrupted by the random thoughts and acts of other people. Who cares what everyone had for lunch when you have your own lunch to talk about?

"But by unfollowing all of the people I know & admire," you ask, "aren't I, in fact, telling them I'm not interested in their lives?" Yes, I suppose that an oversensitive person might take it that way. But true friends know that you don't have time to care about their little problems and if they do get upset--as some people who recently mass-unfollowed people have mentioned--then they really only cared about the influence that you following them lent them. Your following shined light on to their accounts when the spotlight rightly belongs on YOU.

Scientific Proof? Look at these very popular, HOT, TOP Twitter accounts who have racked up hundreds, thousands, in some cases, millions of followers without caring one bit what other people have to say:

@WomensWearDaily 1,340,663 Followers
@YouLookGreat 1,1441,466 Followers
@StephenAtHome 1,133,901 Followers
@ManoMenezes 1,091,765 Followers
@AstrobiologyNAI 840,290 Followers
@Defamer 497,511 Followers
@RevRunWisdom 386,679 Followers
@UWBCI 337,631 Followers
@Eminem 336,518 Followers
@Phillies 313,360 Followers
@Fun140 285,623 Followers
@PigeonPoll 224,152 Followers
@OfficialKathyG 205,516 Followers
@Karl_Lagerfeld 129,933 Followers
@Marcelo_Adnet 124,921 Followers
@CrissAngel 120,376 Followers
@JenifferAniston 117,197 Followers
@GabrielSaporta 94,056 Followers
@Muse 91,141 Followers
@PaniconaTV 89,831 Followers
@_Maxwell_ 86,214 Followers
@RealZacEfron 83,382 Followers
@TomDeLonge 83,227 Followers
@JohnnyDepp 78,382 Followers
@Beckham 78,115 Followers
@VirSanghvi 73,230 Followers
@Barak_Obama 72,764 Followers
@JK_Rowling 71,739 Followers
@Twitition 70,825 Followers
@Rihanna 69,247 Followers
@Rihanna_ 63,216 Followers
@SternShow 61,615 Followers
@ChrisBrownFan 57,339 Followers
@BBCWorld 56,063 Followers
@GwenStefani 52,659 Followers
@Limbaugh 50,584 Followers

As you can see, Step 2 is practiced even more widely than Step 1 and some accounts--like @JenifferAniston, @Barak_Obama, @ChrisBrownFan, and @Limbaugh--smartly combine Steps 1 and 2 to have an account that both says nothing and follows no one! Now, who could resist following an account like that?

An all too common assumption that newcomers to Twitter have is that you are supposed to read other people's messages to you and respond to them. But you, like these other celebrities, celebrity impersonators, agencies, companies & sports teams, are too important to waste time caring what other people, fans, or customers think. And, to be frank, is what they have to say really that interesting? I think not...yawn!

If it's really important, they can email or call you. As Twitter's Biz Stone himself said, "I don’t think of Twitter as a social network. I think of it as a messaging system that has a lot of social components to it." Twitter exists for you send messages to other people, receiving messages from other people just slows the entire system down. Think about it.
Keep checking each Tuesday as I continue to reveal one of 10 Hot Top Proven Strategies & Secrets On How To Be A Twitter Elite!™ I welcome your comments about the success these strategies have brought you although I may not have the time to read them.

P.S. My original version of Step 2 included the @JonasBrothers but 11 hours ago, they added their very 1st follower, @HHMasterMinds. After this misstep, I expect their Follower number to plummet.

It doesn't matter that it is a second account they created for themselves after creating a spectacularly lame video called "Bounce". They should have follow my win-win program and kept their career going strong. We can only wonder how big their Following might have been if they had exercised a bit more self-control. Reblog this post [with Zemanta]


djaef said...

Liz, I think this is a very cynical and very negative post. Yes, you may end up with lots of followers with this strategy IF you are someone famous, but otherwise you are just wasting a great social networking platform. And what's it all about anyway - chasing fame? I want to connect with other people. Sure I'd like to have thousands (no millions) of people hanging on my every word, but I'd like that to be because I have something to say, not because I've created some aura around me..
Unless of course, all this is just some strange joke...


Liz said...

This whole series is meant to be a parody of systems promising you thousands of followers. I guess you didn't see the sarcasm & humor in my post. I thought I laid it on pretty thick! I didn't expect anyone to take this seriously.

djaef said...

There you go. Just shows that we are exposed to people with all sorts of crazy ideas these days, and that makes it very difficult to see if someone's joking or not. Like I mean, there are people who believe there is a man with a grey beard up in the clouds and he made the whole earth just 6 thousand years ago...
Sorry I didn't catch your humour. I was probably in a cranky mood at the time and a bit humour-blinded


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