Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You know, gentle readers, I've been working with the Top 1000 Twitter lists on & off for six months now, charting growth rates, looking at who's in and who's out, finding out who bought their Twitter account from who, examining all sorts of parameters on what it takes to be in the top ranks of Twitter users.

But aside from a few public presentations, what has come of all of this time & effort? I've selfishly been merely satisfying my curiosity on how social networks evolve & grow. But now the time has come to respond to the annoying and persistent pleas of my fans and share from the vast fount of knowledge which is kept...in my brain. Time to crack open my skull and accept that I am a Twitter Social Analysis Gurina™ (April-October 2009 limited) & tell you what I've learned.

I could charge as much as $1249 for this information but, for a limited amount of time, I'm giving these strategies & secrets away, that's 100% FREE! The "catch" is you can only read each blog entry up to 26 times before you'll be prevented from reading it. So, take lots of notes before your access to this blog expires.

Today and each of the next nine Tuesdays, I'm going to release one of the Twitter Strategies & Secrets that the Twitter Elite don't want you to know, how they got to be in the ranks of the Top 1000 Twitter Users and how you can be, too.

you ask, "why don't you tell me them all 10 secrets & strategies right now?" Well, that is simply is because I only have 6 secrets at the moment and people are more interested in lists of 10. The other 4 secrets will occur to me by mid-November. But I promise you, as an acknowledged expert in Twitterology™, along with some truly profound advice, I will provide you with examples to scientifically back up my points.

The most obvious way to be a Top Twitterer is to be on the Twitter Suggested User list but we've already talked about that in other posts on this blog so considered that a bonus (no charge).

Here is the Proven Strategy & Secret to be a Top Twitterer #1

1) Don't Tweet. Ever. Not even once.

Now, at first, this might seem counter-intuitive. "What are you talking about, Liz?", you say. "How can anyone know how smart, sexy & charismatic I am if I don't tell them?" How very, very wrong you are.

Instead of telling people what you're thinking & doing, work on cultivating a sense of mystery about yourself by revealing nothing at all. People will be drawn to you and will follow you, waiting with anticipation for the moment when you talk and tell them who the hell you are.

This endless waiting period will be delightfully excruciating for your followers and for most of you because you like to talk about yourselves, but it is important that you don't ever Tweet--not about your day, your recent engagement, your accomplishments at work, how AT&T sucks, how much you want the Jonas Brothers to tour Brazil--or the mystery surrounding you will be shattered and you will be immediately unfollowed.

Scientific Proof? Look at these very popular, HOT, TOP Twitter accounts who have racked up followers without speaking one word:

@Beyonce 372,837 Followers
@JenifferAniston 115,431 Followers
@Rachel_Bilson 93,201 Followers
@TomHanks 80,665 Followers
@Besserwerber 76,719 Followers
@Barak_Obama 71504 Followers
@ChrisBrownFan 55,163 Followers
@Limbaugh 49,592 Followers

An all too common assumption that newcomers to Twitter have is that people want to hear what you think. They don't. They just like to follow as many people as possible. And, as you see above, it doesn't even matter if you don't know how to spell your name.
This strategy, along with the BONUS tip of getting yourself on Twitter's Suggested User List (it helps to ask nicely and send Twitter staff regular Tweet requests, say, hourly), will help you get your start to amassing tons & tons of Twitter followers.

Keep checking each Tuesday as I continue to reveal one of 10 Hot Top Proven Strategies & Secrets On How To Be A Twitter Elite!
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Colleen said...

I must say I just cannot wait to see what #2 is next Tuesday.

djaef said...

<<1) Don't Tweet. Ever. Not even once.

Ha ha ha... My Dog, I wonder if anyone takes this drivel seriously. What a waste of energy Liz.

Liz said...

Well, djaef, it's been entertaining for me to write. I hope it's been amusing to read. If not, there are millions of other blogs out there you can enjoy.