Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter

You don't realize how much you depend on something or someone until it is gone. Twitter is down and instead of the old, familiar and friendly Fail Whale they've substituted a new graphic which is a bit too cutesy for me. What do you think?


93octane said...

FailWorm? FailCone? Neh. Bring back FailWhale. Or even better, skip the fail altogether. And get us some groups while you're at it, Twitter. All love here.

Sherry said...

Unfortunately cutesy, doe-eyed vector illustrations are all the rage right now! I agree with you.

linda.sherman said...

Thanks to Twitter and your conversation with Chris Brogan, I just found you and am now following you.

I noted you mentioning in your Twitter stream that it takes you a long time to follow back, so I thought I'd come comment on your blog.

I've often advised others, that's the fastest way to get to the head of the Twitter follow line.

I'm picky in who I follow. I'm happy to say that even with the limited number of folks I follow now, there is always something interesting going on.

Thanks for sharing the new fail graphic. Gratefully, I missed it.